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Matthew Herbert presented his Edible Sound last night

The selector span ham, aubergine and onion in London

  • Mixmag staff
  • 17 March 2016

We all love a taste of vinyl, right? What's better than the smooth, waxy finish and the crispy sound? Matthew Herbert knows the answer to that.

After introducing his tortilla record recently, the Accidental Records boss was in London last night spinning a whole host of grocery goods, from ham and cheese to aubergine and onion.

It's not as odd as it seems, though. Herbert's one-off show at The Guy's Chapel was the last event for FED UP: The Future of Food, an art and science exhibition looking at the future of food consumption, nutrition and production.

On the project, Herbert said: "After many years listening to the make-up of the food chain in this country, there is one part that I haven't listened to before and that is the actual material.

"For this project, I'm interested in the idea of listening to the textures and matter of the foodstuff itself, from sugar and chocolate to vegetables and fruit. Is there such a thing as unhealthy listening? And when we've heard what it actually sounds like will we still be willing to eat it?"

Wonder if these are gonna come in HD? Have a bite of some snaps from last night above.

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