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Tiësto Club Life Earphones

Tiësto teams up with Audiofly for his own range of earphones


  • Mixmag
  • 9 February 2015
Tiësto Club Life Earphones

Made up of three models, the entry level Paradise, the median Maximal and the range topping Adagio, Tiësto's new Club Life earphones represent a collaboration between the world famous DJ and Audiofly. After trying a pair of the company's earbuds for himself, the Dutch powerhouse asked for his own series, and the Club Life range is the eventual result. Tuned exactly to Tiësto's audio preferences, each of the earphones promise to be perfect for bass orientated EDM.

Featuring a choice of 4 different colourways and thin plastic cabling, the Paradise offers more than you'd expect from a entry level earphone. Like many other Audiofly products, the entry level model offers better performance than it should, right down to its gold plated plug. Not designed for subtlety, the Club Life Paradise is tuned with boosted low and high end - perfect for dance music. Able to inject energy into your music with their punchy sound signature, the Paradise is isn't able to each the low frequencies and crystal clear sounds of more expensive models.

That's where the range-topping Adagio comes in. Named after arguably Tiësto's best track, the Adagio is available in two fetching colourways, and packs in a range of technology to separate it from the rest of the range. The plastic wires of the Paradise are replaced with striped fabric, making them harder wearing and less likely to tangle, while the earbuds themselves also get an upgrade. Thanks to a dual driver assembly, complete with a balanced armature driver, the Adagios are larger than their budget counterparts, but offer significantly improved sound. The Adagio have a wider frequency range which means they can deliver deeper sub bass and sharper, cleaner percussion and vocals. Although primarily aimed at bass heavy music, the Adagio's increased range of operation also makes them a better all rounder.

Club Life | Paradise: £29.99 Agadio: £149.99

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