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Throwing Shade has called out sexist sound technicians

The London producer and NTS DJ believes she was treated unfairly during a set at Nuit Sonores

  • Alex Green
  • 30 May 2017

Throwing Shade has called out sexist sound technicians.

The Londoner, who is signed to Ninja Tune and holds down a weekly residency on NTS, believes she was treated unfairly by the techies during a recent set at Nuit Sonores festival.

She's detailed her experience at the event, where technicals were so bad she was on the verge of cancelling her performance, in a video posted to Facebook. It comes with the status "THE FEMALE STRUGGLE IS REAL".

"Yesterday I played at this festival in France and I literally had the worst technical experience of my DJ career. The sound guys were so incompetent," she said. "I had so many problems with feedback and they weren't doing anything about it."

"When the next DJ came on, Jamie 3:26, they were completely different - all hands on decks, [they] sorted out the problems straight away, and I'm thinking, why didn't you do that for me There's only one conclusion I can reach. It's because I'm a female and he's a male, and it's bullshit."

Read the status and watch the video below.

Alex Green is Mixmag's Weekend Editor, follow him here

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