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Watch a new documentary about South African producer THEMBA's 'Modern Africa'

The seven-minute short film explores of creation of Themba's long-awaited debut album

  • Gemma Ross
  • 21 October 2021
Watch a new documentary about South African producer THEMBA's 'Modern Africa'

A brand new documentary about South African producer Themba is premiering today via Mixmag.

The short film explores the creation of ‘Modern Africa, Part I - Ekhaya’, Themba's long-awaited debut album.

The seven-track LP dropped on October 8 via Armada Music, featuring a cast of collaborators who are all of African descent: J’Something, Thakzin, Lizwi, Brenden Praise and Thoko.

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‘Modern Africa, Part I - Ekhaya’ explores themes of sanctuary according to Themba, who created his debut as an ode to his home nation of South Africa. ‘Ekhaya’ translates to ‘home’ in Swahili.

Under the same title, the seven-minute accompanying documentary delves into Themba’s thought process behind the record.

“‘Modern Africa’ is me describing to the rest of the world, showing the rest of the world, what South Africa is about. The easiest way to allow people to enter into that world is through the power of music,” says Themba in the documentary.

The film also captures snippets of his contemporaries and collaborators, including J’Something and Thoko. “‘Reflections’ really struck a chord with me,” said the latter on her verse on the new track.

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Created between Ibiza and Johannesburg, Themba’s new project highlights fusions of African music, from the drums, vocal chants, and jazz-centric sounds, while weaving in dance music elements from the White Isle.

Speaking on how he brought in vocalists for this record, the producer says: “My brief was very simple: I’m making an album that is a fusion of different sounds that have influenced myself, influenced Africa, and made Africa popular across the world from a musical point of view.”

Buy 'Modern Africa, Part I - Ekhaya' here, and watch the documentary below

Gemma Ross is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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