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The Technics SL1210GR has got an audiophile upgrade

Timestep has customised a classic

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 16 May 2017

A Devon-based audio company has unveiled a customised version of the recently released Technics SL1210GR.

Timestep claims its modifications make the Technics model sound better having changed the tone arm and given the record player it’s own power supply.

Instead of the traditional curved tonearm that is derived from the original SL1200, Timestep has fitted the model with a Michell TecnoArm which, thanks to an under-slung counterweight and low-resonance drilled arm-tube, reaches audiophile levels of sound quality.

The cartridge on the tonearm is still interchangeable but Timestep recommend a Denon DL-110 high output moving coil cartridge.

By giving the unit its own power supply, designer Dave Cawley believes it removes the “haze” which has long plagued the Technics’ sound.

Cawley has branded his customization the EVO GR in reference to Timestep’s ongoing Technics Evo series and has said he is happy to supply the new model in silver with a silver tone arm if black is not preferred.

The turntable is available to buy now either as a fully finished package or with select components so owners can customize their own deck.

[Via Vinyl Factory]


Technics SL-1210 GR turntable (black): £1,299.00

Michell TecnoArm (black): £677.00

Tonearm mounting plate : £90.00

Timestep HE III PSU: £450.00

Fitting/customisation: £200.00

Total cost of turntable & tonearm package: £2,716.00

Additional options:

Denon DL-110 high output moving coil cartridge: £179.00

Oyaide BR-12 mat: £89.99

Oyaide STB-MS weight: £225.00

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