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The Rainbow Venues has issued a statement after its licence was revoked

A 19-year-old died after attending the Birmingham club in October

  • Dave Turner
  • 29 November 2017

Birmingham club The Rainbow Venues has issued a statement following its licence being revoked.

Following a temporary closure due to the drug-related death of 19-year old Michael Trueman, Birmingham City Council has ordered a permanent closure of the club.

Responding to the decision, The Rainbow Venues has issued a lengthy statement.

It reads: "We firmly believe that our team took great care, time and passion to create a safe environment for people to enjoy our events. We had very robust policies that West Midlands Police have accepted are more stringent than any other licensed premises in the country.

"As operator’s we can’t be false. The decision is wrong. We can’t pretend we agree, we can’t promise that drugs will not enter licensed premises; people go to extreme lengths to get drugs into venues, if they succeed over the border, prisons and even parliament, then they will find a way into a club. They are breaking the law. Are we?"

It goes on to state that drug-related deaths aren't just a problem in dance music, but in the wider world.

"There is a global society issue, this won’t be the last drug related death on licensed premises. We can’t lie. We didn’t lie. This will happen again and again. There needs to be a universal, collaborative approach to the UK’s drug problem. Lets educate and not be so quick to revoke licenses that practice the correct policies.

"Our time now will be spent trying to make a difference trying to encourage a sensible approach like Amsterdam, and even other councils and reasonable authorities in the UK, real talk is needed: NOT masking the problem.

"As operators we refuse to work with this prehistoric attitude. This is a modern day problem. We need to wake up and work together collectively to make a difference or cost more lives."

The club also denied claims that a 15-year-old was on the premises, as stated in the licence hearing.

A petition has been launched to save the club which has 21 days to appeal the licence decision. Show your support here.

The club is also asking people to use #SaveTheRainbow on social media.

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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