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Sonos One is the "smart" speaker that plays music when you shout at it

“Sonos, play some old school garage!”

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 5 October 2017

Sonos has unveiled a new speaker you can shout at to play you music.

The speakers are part of Sonos’ internet-controlled soundsystem that’s been updated with microphones so it can be asked to play music in the same way you would use Amazon’s Alexa service.

However, Sonos allows music to be played from a variety of services and with a variety of different voice assistants unlike Amazon, Google and Apple.

Voice recognition technology in speakers is nothing new, but Sonos says it’s the only company focused on quality of sound, branding their product as the “smart speaker for music lovers”.

The new speaker is essentially the company’s famous Play:1 product but with six microphones and a new array of lights on top that tell the user if the device is listening to them.

The speaker can still be controlled from an app and will be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s AirPlay 2 which arrives in 2018.

The speaker comes out next year and will retail for £199.

Louis Anderson-Rich is Mixmag’s Digital Producer. Follow him on Twitter

[Via The Independent]

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