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​The Glitch Mob reveal a new documentary, 'Behind the Blade 2.0'

Learn more about the vision behind of the trio's advanced musical machine

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 3 October 2018
​The Glitch Mob reveal a new documentary, 'Behind the Blade 2.0'

Pioneers of the bass-meets-rock music sound that rumbles out of the West Coast of the US, The Glitch Mob - made up of producers Boreta, Ooah and edIT - are known for their innovative and cutting-edge methods of combining technology and music over the past 12 years.

The trio's massive and visually stunning custom-made instrument, Blade 2.0, is the group's most ambitious live-setup to date. Teaming up with DELL, Alienware and the celebrated visual artist Strangeloop, The Glitch Mob have managed to create a powerful and immersive instrument with mind-boggling visual elements that has taken their live show to a whole new level. Overall, Blade 2.0 has allowed the group to explore fresh sounds and bring a hyperactive method of performance to the realm of electronic music.

The Glitch Mob have released a seven-minute documentary, titled The Glitch Mob: Behind the Blade 2.0, that details the construction and vision behind this robust musical mechanism.

The Glitch Mob are currently embarking on a Fall North American Tour. Learn more here

Watch the documentary below.

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