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The Cover Mix: Mall Grab

Rising star

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 14 July 2015

“For this mix, I wanted to not only showcase some of my new productions and explore a few new sounds but also include a couple of tracks on rotation in my sets – and one brand new closing track, which I especially love, from my good friend and collaborator Yaeji. I wanted it to work in the club, but also when you’re just at home on a Sunday making waffles, or maybe going for a run or a bike ride along the canal-side. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making/compiling/mixing it.”

1) Mall Grab ‘Untitled’

2) Mall Grab ‘My Statements Are My Statements’

3) Mall Grab ‘Space Walk’

4) Corine ‘Pluie Fine’ (Polo & Pan remix) [Kwaidan Records]

5) Mall Grab ‘Liverpool Street In The Rain’

6) DJ Sports ‘Fertile Crescent’ [Firecracker]

7) Mall Grab ‘What You Sayin’’

8) Endian ‘Two Chords Deep’ [Electric Minds]

9) Mall Grab ’2 Boleyn Road’

10) Mall Grab ‘Jeru’

11) Mall Grab ‘Bust’

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