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​Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles announces new multimedia album 'Deproduction'

Including audio, video and text in the release

  • Harrison Williams
  • 6 November 2017

DJ Sprinkles has announced a new multimedia album under her real name, Terre Thaemlitz, that will focus on addressing notions surrounding families as well as feminist and queer rejections of family structures.

The new album, titled ‘Deproduction’, is Thaemlitz’s first full release since her 2012 album ‘Soulessness’.

According to Comatonse Recordings, ‘Deproduction’ will express Thaemlitz’s investigation of “the awkward, uncomfortable and hypocritical power dynamics behind Western Humanist notions of family, and how they function internationally through processes of globalization.”

‘Deproduction’ will be released in December as an SD card, which includes audio, video and texts. The audio portion features five tracks comprised of two DJ Sprinkles' Deeperama mixes, two extended 43-minute tracks and a piano solo.

View the tracklist below and find snippets of the album tracks here

01. ‘Names Have Been Changed’ (Sound/Reading For Incest Porn)
02. ‘Admit It’s Killing You’ (And Leave) (Sound/Reading For Gay Porn)
03. ‘Admit It’s Killing You’ (And Leave) (Piano Solo)
04. ‘Names Have Been Changed’ (DJ Sprinkles’ Deeperama)
05. ‘Admit It’s Killing You’ (And Leave) (DJ Sprinkles’ Deeperama)

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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