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​Techno heads get crafty building LEGO replicas of the 808, 303 and turntables


  • Harrison Williams
  • 8 December 2017

Berlin-based company Numode creates custom LEGO kits designed after iconic analogue electronic instruments, DJ gear and speakers.

The company offers limited edition replicas of the Technics 1200 and mixer, TB-303 and MPC-2000XL, but this year it's expanded the catalogue to include a TR-808 as a tribute to the classic drum machine widely used by analogue producers.

Although Numode is not an official LEGO company, each set includes a color-printed instruction booklet. The turntables and DJ setup even feature custom made discs with grooves manually carved on a lathe to give the correct look and feel of real vinyl.

In other Lego related new, there's a record store made out of LEGOs and a LEGO band covered Kraftwerk!

Find the entire Numode line available for purchase here and view photos below.

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