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Take a look at Eric Prydz's EPIC 5.0 holograms

The new edition of EPIC is a spectacle

  • Valerie Lee
  • 30 May 2017

After unveiling his brand new imprint Pryda Presents and announcing the return of his lesser-known moniker Tonja Holma, Eric Prydz headed out to London for the debut of his anticipated EPIC 5.0 show.

His EPIC shows are celebrated for their far-reaching and awe-inspiring visuals, each version topping its predecessor - and EPIC 5.0 is no different. Playing to a packed crowd, Prydz posted a video of the visuals from a fan's perspective, showing off the larger-than-life visual simulation.

He calls it the "biggest hologram in the world", and we wouldn't doubt it if it were true.

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