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New data shows just how much your favourite festival costs

No1 Currency reveals the full price tag on your summer

  • Alex Green
  • 30 May 2017

As summer emerges from spring, punters face that annual dilemma: with limited funds and an ever growing number of diverse festival to attend, how do they decide where to go?

With this in mind, some interesting data has today been published detailing exactly how much attending your favourite festival costs for UK-based punters. These numbers come courtesy of No1 Currency, who took the time to break down exactly what each festival will cost day-by-day, beer-by-beer.

Analysts looked at 13 different international festivals, taking into account admission cost, travel costs, and price of entry. They also estimated how much food and drink would cost per day.

Roskilde in Denmark tops the list as most expensive festival costing a whopping £679.93 overall. However, this is in part due to its length - you do get eight days of art and music for your money. Similarly, Glastonbury costs £559.80 for its five day stretch.

Neither festival can contend with the cost of Ultra Brasil, which will see you set back £915.72 for a two day festival, £236.55 of which goes towards entry to the festival and over £597 on travel - it's a long way to South America.

In 2015, Coachella (pictured) was found to be the world’s most expensive festival, with the average festival goer spending around £187 per day. Tomorrowland in Belgium was a close second that year at £186 per day.

To get the best bang for your buck head east to the Czech Republic, Poland or Romania this year. Electric Castle in Romania, for example, comes in at an economical £244.16. This is in part due to the low cost of food and drink inside the festival.

There’s bad news for regulars on Worthy Farm. Glastonbury goers can expect to spend on average of £46.50 a day on food and drink this year. That’s three times as much money as the average daily spend by party-goers attending Air Festival in The Czech Republic - a bargain at £12.25 a day.

Alex Green is Mixmag's Weekend Editor, follow him on Twitter

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