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​Sub Club's Domenic: "People were laughing at us for buying house records"

The two longstanding residents discuss the history and evolution of Sub Club

  • Harrison Williams
  • 22 August 2017

As one of the longest running clubs in the world, Sub Club has remained a consistent outlet for quality dance music since its inception. According to DJs Harri and Domenic, who have been residents for 23 years, the key to remaining a reliable venue is to trust your instincts.

In an interview with the Guardian, the two residents opened up about their experience at the legendary club. In its long history, operating since 1987, the culture surrounding it has evolved and gone through distinct phases. That said, Domenic and Harri focused on music they truly believed in.

On the rise of certain genres, like techno in the 90s, Domenic touched on how the musical style and crowd simply didn’t resonate with him: “There was no funk – it was dark, banging, heavy, 130bpm all night, with no women, just white guys stomping around. Techno to us was Juan Atkins and Derrick May and Underground Resistance – not this stuff coming out of Frankfurt.”

His passion for house music remained. When even more new genres came around and other DJ ditched their roots, Domenic decided not to follow trends.

"And when jungle came into Glasgow, that became a big thing – the house guys sold their records, saying jungle was the future. People were laughing at us for buying house records: ‘Why are you still buying this shit?’ And you’re thinking, fuck, am I wrong? But you have to stick with what you believe."

Harri also shares a similar sentiment, that it’s important to create an environment that allows for the crowd to be as immersed in the dance as possible: “We just need to not let standards slip, and start letting in maniacs.”

Apart from the music, the club’s crowd and those “maniacs” are a clear reason why people remain fans of Sub Club. Read about why Mixmag says Glasgow’s Sub Club is one of the best rave experiences on the planet.

Read the full interview with Harri, Domenic and Sub Club’s managing director Mike Grieve, here.

[Photo: Brian Sweeney]

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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