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Spotify playlist: 50 golden hip hop classics

Into the vaults we go...

  • Dave Turner
  • 20 September 2017
Spotify playlist: 50 golden hip hop classics

Delving into the hip hop vaults is a wonderful thing and that's what we've done for our new Spotify playlist.

Classic Hip Hop will be updated every Wednesday on a fortnightly basis, giving you the cream of the crop from rap and hip hop.

Expect to hear the sounds from its beginnings in New York, the hazy sounds of the West Coast, house party anthems, the gangsta rap you used to play on the sly as a kid and the dusty boom bap ideal for sleepy Sunday mornings.

This first batch features Eazy-E, Run-D.M.C (pictured), Foxy Brown, Big Daddy Kane, Salt-N-Pepa, OutKast and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.

Dive into a nostalgic hip hop hole below.

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Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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