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Spike Lee is directing a hip hop rework of Romeo and Juliet

'Prince Of `Cats' will be set in Brooklyn, New York

  • Max Penny-Barrow
  • 15 November 2019
Spike Lee is directing a hip hop rework of Romeo and Juliet

Spike Lee's remaking Romeo & Juliet as a hip hop picture.

Juliet's short-tempered cousin Tybalt Capulet and his brothers will be the focus of the film - entitled Prince Of Cats - as they’re embroiled in a world of underground sword duelling with rival family, the Montagues.

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Based on Ron Wimberly’s great graphic novel Prince of Cats, the Brooklyn setting will play host to ‘80s hip hop essentials: DJing, MCing, breakdancing and graffiti.

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It comes after Spike Lee made his comeback with Oscar winning hit BlacKkKlansman last year and Lee is enlisting the help of former editor-in-chief of The Source, Selwyn Sefyu Hinds, as a writer. Hinds wrote the first script for the potential adaptation of the graphic novel and worked on Jordan Peele's updated Twilight Zone.

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