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Spaced360 Speakers

One of the most fully realised portable speaker devices to enter the market yet


  • Mixmag
  • 11 April 2014
Spaced360 Speakers

Wireless bluetooth speakers have been flooding the market of late and while their portability makes them perfect for soundtracking a barbecue or hang out in the park, they often lack the depth, sound quality and most importantly, sheer volume for anything more. Enter Spaced360.

Unlike most portable bluetooth speakers that emanate their sound from a tiny surface area, Spaced360 has three high powered 2" neo speakers and three mass loaded bass radiators, offering the listener, as the name suggests, 360 degree sound. That means anyone in the devices close proximity is in the sweet spot when it comes to hearing the music at its best. And, for something that weighs little over 1kg, that you can slip in your backpack easily, the Spaced360 packs quite a punch.

It might not be a Funktion One, but it offers up enough bassy and full bodied volume to turn the most sedate of affairs into an impromptu party. The Spaced360 comes with an impressive eight hours of battery life and, as is to be expected, is compatible with all bluetooth devices including your mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer. At £250, the Spaced360 comes at a premium price but for that, you get one of the most fully realised portable speaker devices to enter the market yet.

RRP: £250 / www.spaced360.com

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