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SoundCloud will release a subscription service later this year

The rumours have now been officially confirmed

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 26 July 2015

After e-mails were leaked last month alluding to SoundCloud joining the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal in offering a paid for subscription service, those rumours have now been confirmed.

SoundCloud CTO and co-founder Eric Wahlforss has revealed that the platform will launch its subscription service later this year, although a firm date has not yet been given.

Although SoundCloud has recently come under criticism for not paying artists and labels properly, according to an unsigned contract between the platform and the National Music Publishers' Association, SoundCloud is going to agree to pay 10.5% of its revenue.

According to the leak, SoundCloud's new subscription service will consist of two tiers. On the first, subscribers will get an ad-free experience, with the ability to listen to audio and download a set amount of music. The second tier has the working title of 'SoundCloud Full Catalog Subscription Service', and would give subscribers unlimited access to its music.

[Via: Tech Times]

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