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Life and Death announce new label compilation

'Some Things Rise' features music from Sei A, Locked Groove, Scuba and Alex.Do

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 26 July 2015

The record label Life and Death describes itself as "underground pop and contemporary dance music".

Whatever you want to call it, we bloody love it here at Mixmag. So when we found out there was a new compilation coming from the imprint that's stationed in Berlin, Miami and NYC, we had to get straight on it.

The 'Some Things Rise' release features music from Alex.Do, Sei A, Locked Groove and Scuba so it's sure to be on point.

Listen exclusively to 'Glacial' by Scuba in full below, before the compilation is released digitally on August 3. Vinyl lovers will have to wait until September 25 for the 12".

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