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SoundCloud mixes could still be removed "at request of creators"

The joy didn't last long

  • Dave Turner
  • 16 December 2016

It turns out mixes on SoundCloud will still be under threat from copyright takedowns.

After reports that removals would no longer be happening, the streaming service has clarified its stance, saying requests for mixes to be taken down will still be listened to.

A blog post reads: "It’s important to note takedowns are at the request of creators. While the agreements we have in place across the industry have greatly lessened the likelihood of takedowns, as a creator driven platform, we respect all creators, and therefore we respect the rights of all creators who request to have their content removed."

However, it did reiterate that less takedowns will occur due to agreements made with labels and publishers, expressing the importance of artists and the SoundCloud community.

"As always, SoundCloud’s aim is to continue building a unique ecosystem where all forms of expression can live and thrive. The community of creators who gather, share their work and collaborate on SoundCloud is hugely important to us."

[Via: Pitchfork]

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