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Snapped: Outside Lands 2016, San Francisco

See San Francisco with Major Lazer, Halsey and Chance The Rapper

  • Amy Than
  • 11 August 2016

Annually, since 2008, San Francisco has played home to a cherished music, food and culture celebration in the heart of Golden Gate Park known as Outside Lands.

The festival's line ups have always been a fair, widespread representation of music of the year. Heavily embedded in the rock and folk genres, Outside Lands has since opened its doors to include stars of hip-hop and electronic sounds to the Bay Area haven.

This year saw throwback rockstars like LCD Soundsystem and Radiohead captivate its sold out crowd, but also welcomed the newer generation's leaders like Chance The Rapper, Halsey, Major Lazer and dozens more.

Despite the chill that accompanied the thin layer of fog from the bay, fans flooded the festival floors ready with blankets, undeterred and unwilling to miss the acts of the weekend.

Besides music, Outside Lands is also known for its top-notch nods to wine, beer and food with the subsequent Winelands, Beerlands and dozens of boutique food stands including (but not limited to) Baconland and Chocoland.

There's something special about a festival that's tucked away behind the trees of Golden Gate Park - something that reminds even the younger music lovers of the free-spirited mentality that has always made San Francisco a place for music and its surrounding cultures to blossom and thrive.

[Photos: Nattografi]

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