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Smirnoff introduces the 'Equalizer' for a gender-balanced Spotify experience

Honey Dijon and other deserving artists are in the spotlight

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 7 March 2018
Smirnoff introduces the 'Equalizer' for a gender-balanced Spotify experience

Continuing their global campaign to 'Equalize Music', Smirnoff has introduced their latest innovation which arrives in the form of a digital Spotify tool called the 'Equalizer'.

According to data sourced direct from Spotify, none of 2017's top 10 most streamed tracks on the platform were performed by female artists or bands. Smirnoff has teamed up with Spotify to balance this statistic out by bringing in the Equalizer, which analyzes a user's listening habits and provides a breakdown of what percentage of artists they listen to are men vs. women. Then, the Equalizer will provide a tailored, gender-balanced playlist, which also offers the option to adjust (and increase) the amount of women included on their playlist. Chicago native and former Mixmag cover star Honey Dijon is one of the artists featured in the Smirnoff Equalizer campaign.

“We developed the Smirnoff Equalizer in partnership with Spotify because we believe that when we get to discover talented women artists and their phenomenal music, we’ll all have a better listening experience,” said Neil Shah, Smirnoff's Global Senior Brand Manager.

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