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Silk Road Assassins

'Reflection Spaces EP'


  • Tomas Fraser
  • 17 April 2016
Silk Road Assassins

It might not strictly be classed as grime, but Silk Road Assassins’ debut EP offers a stunning insight into the overlapping worlds of hip hop, grime and drill beat-making.

Comprised of seven tracks, including the icy melodies and tripped-out flow of ‘Vectors’, ‘Reflection Spaces’ presses all the right buttons.

From the tense, gothic atmospherics of ‘Akwraith’ to the whirring sub and more freeze-dried melodies on ‘Defect’, SRA exhibit a sound that they’ve moulded to become undeniably theirs – an impressive feat for a trio of producers putting together their first extended body of work.

For those wanting something a bit harder, club jam ‘Shaded’ is also included just for good measure.

An amazing record.

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