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Rubadub Records has launched a record-shopping app

The Glasgow-based record shop aims to bring the in-store experience to your smartphone

  • Matthew Knight
  • 31 August 2018
Rubadub Records has launched a record-shopping app

Glasgow’s Rubadub Records has brought out an app that allows you to buy records, as well as recommending you different ones based on your music taste.

The app cues up EPs with minute-long clips of each track for the user to swipe between. Users can ‘favourite' EPs which will save it to a basket for them to listen again, or from there they can move them to the cart to purchase.

Its algorithm allows the app to recommend tracks for you based on previous plays and buys, although it will throw “the occasional curveball”.

Co-runner of Rubadub, Wilba Sandieson, initially had the idea turned down by digital consultancy Greenhill, because they believed the website was already so mobile friendly.

Liam Nugent, from Greenhill, explained to RA how allowing the users to listen to tracks effortlessly was a key aspect to the app: “Where we had imagined fans constantly interacting with the screen, they expressed a desire to listen to a continuous stream of music and only interact when something piqued their interest... We wanted users to be able to listen to the app on the bus, in the car, on foot, in the office or at home, without it stalling or dragging."

Download the app, available on iOS and Android, on Rubadub's site.

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