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Ron Trent presents 'Prescription: Word, Sound & Power'

Rush Hour announces six-piece vinyl box set dedicated to the beloved Chicago deep house label

  • Marc Rowlands
  • 14 December 2016

Amsterdam's Rush Hour Records have announced they are to release a lavish six-vinyl box set covering one of the best loved deep house labels.

Founded in 1993 by Chez Damier and Ron Trent, Prescription Records stands alongside Larry Heard and the records of Jamie Principle as the finest deep house ever to come from the city of house music's origin.

“We wanted to raise the bar, to raise the fidelity for music coming out of Chicago and the mid west,” said Ron Trent in an exclusive interview to be published in the February issue of Mixmag.

“We felt that Chicago was synonymous with a lot of really raw tracks. We wanted to take that idea and expand on it, take the big track and put it into a big studio.”

Chez Damier added: “In the mid 90s KMS was ending, so we did a deal with Kevin (Saunderson) to take over his studio and we lived there. That's how we started Prescription.”

During its tenure, Prescription and its sub label Balance issued music by Derrick Carter, Romanthony, Roy Davis Jr, Pevenn Everett, Glenn Underground and one of Moodymann's earliest releases, but the backbone of the material was produced by Trent and Damier, before Damier left to run Balance, leaving Trent to run Prescription.

The box set covers Trent and Damier collaborations from their time at KMS, including 'Don't Try It' and 'The Choice' and classics from their early Prescription period like 'Morning Factory', 'Pop, Dip & Spin', 'Feel Rhythm'.

It also includes some material from the label's later period, selected by Antal of Rush Hour, plus the first vinyl release of the track 'Prescription' and three never before released Ron Trent tracks 'Energy', 'History' and 'Black Magic Woman' featuring Harry Dennis.

“In the early Rush Hour years we had to dig the bargain bins here in Holland in order to cop Prescription copies,” Rush Hour's Antal told Mixmag exclusively.

“We were really fascinated by the label and we chased the records, as the artwork and sound were so special at that time. Through the years the label and music kept inspiring us, it has definitely stood the test of time.”

Rush Hour are taking pre-orders on the box set now, which should arrive in late January or early February.

A1. C. Damier & R. Trent - Morning Factory
A2. Ron Trent - Prescription
B1. Ron & Chez D - Don't Try It
B2. Ron Trent - Seduction
C1. Ron Trent - Pop, Dip and Spin
C2. Ron Trent - Energy
D1. Chez Damier & Ron Trent - Sometimes I Feel Like
D2. Angora - Enchantment
E1. Ron Trent - I Feel The Rhythm
E2. Ron Trent & Anthony Nicholson - Soul Samba Express
F1. USG - Life 4 Living feat. Monica Elam
F2. Ron Trent - Space Ridims
G1. Chez Damier & Ron Trent - Foot Therapy
G2. Konfusion Kidzz - On My Mind
H1. Ron Trent - Morning Fever
H2. Ani - Love Is The Message (For Those Who Didn't Hear It)
I1. World, Sky & Universes - The Answer
I2. Ron Trent - Black Magic Woman feat. Harry Dennis
J1. Noni - Be My
J2. Warp Dub Sound System - Night Places Darkness Upon The Earth
K1. Chez-N Trent - The Choice
K2. Ron Trent - History
L1. Ron Trent - The Meaning
L2. Ron Trent - Piano Track

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