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Roland releases digital wind instrument the Aerophone AE-20

The Aerophone AE-20 is the latest product in a line of innovative instruments still to come

  • Becky Buckle
  • 18 January 2022
Roland releases digital wind instrument the Aerophone AE-20

Roland have created the Aerophone AE-20, a digital wind instrument which lets you play in the tone of woodwinds, strings, brass, the latest synth sounds and many more.

This new product is the latest in a line of products from Roland and was made with their SuperNATURAL technology as the instrument can provide realistic dynamics, articulations, and overtones in accordance with the users playing.

The AE-20 also incorporates Roland’s ZEN-Core synthesis system which is a sound engine typically found in the company’s synths.

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With both a built-in speaker and headphone jack you can perform in different settings.

A USB-MIDI allows it to also work as a controller for a DAW or the quarter-inch stereo output can be plugged directly into an amp or interface.

The instrument includes a reed within the mouthpiece and an identical button layout to a standard saxophone. And if you play a different woodwind instrument or are left-handed you can simply change the fingering layouts to suit you.

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There is also a free Aerophone app that can allow you to customise settings and even learn how to play the instrument with in-app lessons.

Find out more about the Aerophone AE-20 on Roland’s website.

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