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​Richie Hawtin on his live set: "You have to see that human form moving and gyrating"

Elaborating on his unique CLOSE performances

  • Harrison Williams
  • 12 October 2017

Richie Hawtin debuted a new live show at Coachella (pictured above) this past year which he calls CLOSE, an audiovisual experience that provides a unique perspective on his performance using video mapping technology. Now after taking the show around the world throughout 2017, he’s elaborated on the unique concept.

Speaking with the Miami New Times ahead of his performance at III Points this weekend in Miami, Hawtin discussed a crucial move that allowed for CLOSE to stand out:

"The very simple act of moving that table away — which is quite strange for a DJ because you’re completely open and naked to the audience — is probably the most important decision we made. Without that decision, there wouldn't be the show. You have to see that human form moving and gyrating."

Removing the table from in front of the artist is the most simple aspect of the CLOSE show, as the projection mapping technology is groundbreaking, but there’s no denying it’s something not commonly done with most of today’s dance music acts. Recognizing that many revelers in the audience might not understand what he does while performing, CLOSE offers a unique perspective of Hawtin's movements which help to heighten the overall experience for the audience.

The III Points performance this weekend is Hawtin's last CLOSE performance currently scheduled in the United States in 2017, before he takes the project to Italy, Argentina and Hungary.

Find out more about Hawtin's vision via the interview here

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Re-watch Richie Hawtin's Mesmerising set for Mixmag Live at Output NYC below:

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