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Revolver issues warning on dangerous drugs in Melbourne

The club says 25C-NBOMe, linked to four deaths in January, is back in circulation

  • 12 June 2017

Melbourne club Revolver has warned a potentially lethal synthetic drug is back in circulation in the city.

The highly potent synthetic hallucinogen 25C-NBOMe was found in a toxic batch of drugs sold as MDMA that was linked to four deaths earlier this year. On Sunday, the Chapel St nightclub posted to Facebook that it had appeared again:

"We have further anecdotal information that the drug 25C-NBOMe that killed four people and hospitalised 20 in January is circulating in Melbourne this weekend. This drug is often sold as something else and lethal even in small doses, particularly if snorted. PLEASE do not put unknown substances in your system. It isn’t worth the risk."

Revs management earlier posted their concern at six reported weekend hospitalisations, suspected to be GHB-related, associated with another city venue, saying anyone found with that drug would face a lifetime ban from the club.

Victoria Police confirmed the hospitalisations were from around King St and Little Bourke St, near Cloud Nine nightclub, in the early hours of Sunday. Another two people needed medical attention on Chapel St on Sunday night, according to police, however it is not clear what they are believed to have taken.

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