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​De School will not announce its line-ups until last minute

There are surprises in store this summer

  • Alex Green
  • 11 June 2017

Amsterdam club De School has announced the return of its last-minute lineups this summer.

De Zomernacht, which runs through July and August, holds back the name of its bookings from attendees. The night debuted last year and aims to inject some spontaneity into Amsterdam’s nightlife. Last year the event teased artists booked to play via social media.

"During Amsterdam's busy festival season, lots of befriended artists are in town," says programmer Luc Mastenbroek. "They might find room in their tight schedules to come and play De School last-minute. By not announcing our lineups months in advance, we create space to actually realize this."

De Zomerdag runs from July 2nd through August 27th. For more information visit the De School website.

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