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Revier Südost has closed following complaints of racism and homophobia

The club is owned by the team behind Griessmuehle

  • Megan Townsend
  • 20 August 2021
Revier Südost has closed following complaints of racism and homophobia

Revier Südost has announced that it will not be open this weekend to investigate accusations of racism and homophobia amongst its staff.

The allegations are thought to have originated from activist and dancer Nicholas Rose, who in an Instagram post, accused bouncers at the SYNOID party of racism.

"I will not tolerate any racism, homophobia, or hyper-masculine energy and you shouldn’t either!" Rose wrote.

"The pain I feel is real. I won’t give up and will continue to stand up for people like me in BERLIN and BEYOND. You better believe it!"

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"This is REAL and happening in what is supposed to be the most open-minded city in the world. Show me the receipts alter... RACISM THRIVES ON VIOLENCE AND SILENCE."

Several people replied in the comments with similar complaints of abuse from Revier Südost staff.

The open-air venue that is owned by the team behind Griessmuehle confirmed in a statement on Instagram that they would be remaining closed to "concentrate on assessing and solving" complaints from customers.

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They insisted the issues would not “be solved with a statement.”

“We have suspended all our club activities this weekend in order to fully concentrate on assessing and solving those issues. All tickets already purchased for the weekend will be automatically refunded.”

"We understand those are subject matters reaching much further than our club, and solutions will not be found in short term thinking; but let us be clear, we are aiming for new standards and hoping to become an exemplary force in leading the way forward."

"We are fully aware of the challenges ahead of us, and wish to express our most sincere apologies for all inconveniences, trauma and pain we have caused."

"May this be a tipping point and an example for a new standard. May our house be a house for all, once again! We hope to re-open our club soon, but please understand we might need a bit of time.|"

You can read Revier Südost's full statement below.

Megan Townsend is Mixmag's Deputy Digital Editor, follow her on Twitter

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