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Record label calls Record Store Day “an unwieldy grip-and-bitch fest”

​Numero Group is not getting caught up in the hype

  • Harrison Williams
  • 17 April 2018
Record label calls Record Store Day “an unwieldy grip-and-bitch fest”

With the annual Record Store Day fast approaching on April 21, respected archival record label Numero group has shared its disapproval of the event, calling it “an unwieldy grip-and-bitch fest”.

Since its inaugural year in 2007, Record Store Day has served as somewhat of a holiday for those passionate about vinyl to celebrate the culture surrounding it. That said, what was initially a massive celebration is now filled with major labels attempting to cash in on the vinyl resurgence by reissuing or pressing mainstream records that cater to consumers who only want to be on trend.

Some say the vinyl resurgence is damaging due to pressing plants focusing on mainstream music, while the underground and independent labels struggle to have their releases stay on schedule. Others feel as though more people being passionate about vinyl is a good thing and increases the visibility of the medium.

In a newsletter, Numero Group describes its relationship with Record Store Day and how it is more of a headache than a celebration: “Over the past decade we’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with Record Store Day. What started off as a clever way to support independent shops during a physical and sonic recession has blown up into an unwieldy grip-and-bitch fest. Lines, fights, flippers, backed up pressing plants, stock shorts, stocking and pricing at 4am the morning of, and that inevitable mark down bin filled with all manner of wasted petroleum and bad ideas.”

Numero Group goes on to declare how record shops may benefit, but all the glory really goes to the major labels: “If you’ve ever walked into a record store on the third Saturday in April you know the drag of which we speak. The only people who are really happy are the major record companies who continue to prop the whole charade up with overpriced singles and needless pic discs. The stores make their nut and keep the lights on for another year. Rinse and repeat.”

With many labels releasing records on the Saturday of Record Store Day, Numero Group will instead keep to schedule and drop two records on the standard Friday release day.

Read the full newsletter from Numero Group here

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