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Rane MP2015: Big Daddy Rane

If you’re after a no nonsense mixer with no expense spared – the Rane MP2015 is it

  • Mixmag
  • 7 April 2015
Rane MP2015: Big Daddy Rane

The old-school analogue revival is a big story in the tech world, and the trend is now seeping into the domain of DJ mixers. We've been a bit disappointed with so many controllers and mixers opting for plastic gimmicks and 202 effects you're never likely to use, but Rane's latest rotary mixer is, by comparison, a work of art.

What can it do?

The centerpiece of the MP2015 (once you're finished ogling the Moog-style wood panels) are the rotary knobs. Rane is the daddy of the rotary mixer and these are perfect for long, accurate mixes or surgically precise EQing. There's a filter with high pass, low pass and low and high pass on each channel and a three-band high resolution Isolator section for sonic sculpting on the master output. But it's under the hood that the mixer really shines thanks to high quality audio signal converters that guarantee studio quality sound.

What's new for the rotary world?

Submix channel lets you group up to four channels so you can control them with one filter or set of EQs. Dual USB ports make digital DJ changeovers easy. Source Select lets DJs swap between computers with a single knob-twist.

Any weaknesses?

It's not exactly ideal for DJs on a budget. And scratch DJs: this one isn't for you.


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