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Rae Sremmurd: "Next we might make some techno"

Rae Sremmurd... but underground

  • Valerie Lee
  • 7 December 2017
Rae Sremmurd: "Next we might make some techno"

American rap duo Rae Sremmurd were the latest guests on Noisey's The People Vs. series, which puts artists face-to-face with their toughest critics: YouTube comments.

In response to a comment that scoffs at their comparison to The Beatles with their hit track 'Black Beatles', Rae Sremmurd explains that they never meant to compare themselves to the legendary band, but rather see themselves as black rockstars of the new age. "We're going to all genres, doing everything," Swae Lee adds. "Next we might do some techno, you never know."

Of course, they're only kidding.

But we're not totally opposed to Rae Sremmurd in The Lab.

Watch the full interview below.

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