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Proporta Carbon Fibre iPad Mini Case

Proporta use F1 technology to protect your precious iPad Mini


  • Curtis Moldrich
  • 18 February 2014
Proporta Carbon Fibre iPad Mini Case

One of the most versatile tablets on the market, the iPad Mini 2 packs all the functionality and power of an full sized iPad into a smaller more compact chassis. Great but delicate, it's no surprise that there are a wealth of cases to protect your investment - and the Carbon Fibre iPad Mini case is one of the toughest you'll find.

Crafted from a combination of fine leather, carbon fibre and Micro Fibre, Proporta's flagship case offers a blend of class, exotic material and heavy-duty protection. Thanks to carbon fibre, five times stronger than steel yet two thirds lighter, Proporta's case has also been shotgun tested - so it should easily hold up to the daily commute.

What's more, despite having materials usually found in an F1 car, the Proporta Carbon Fibre iPad Mini case also packs in all the features you'd usually expect. Featuring a magnetic tab, cut-outs for easy access to ports and a Lifetime warranty - the Proporta case covers all bases.

A luxurious way to protect your investment, the Carbon Fibre Proporta case is a stylish, futuristic option to consider. Throw in its premium leather exterior and exotic carbon fibre armour - and the £80 asking price seems more than reasonable.

£80 | Proporta

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