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President Obama Admits Burning Man “Sounds Like A Lot Of Fun"

President Obama admitted during a Q&A yesterday that Burning Man “sounds like a lot of fun”

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 1 April 2015

President Obama admitted during a Q&A yesterday that Burning Man "sounds like a lot of fun", before noting that he believes the desert festival is "vaguely like [his] vision of tomorrow's America."

During his keynote speech at the Silicone Valley Trust Association meeting yesterday the President was cornered by a seemingly awkward question regarding controversial yuppy Burners, some of who were in the audience. Obama smirked and shook his head, replying, "I can see why they would [go to Burning Man]. Hell, I think it sounds like a lot of fun."

As confusion spread among his staff, Obama continued, unphased. "See, you got all these beautiful, dynamic people coming together, spreading love, looking out for one another. That is vaguely like my vision of tomorrow's America. Minus the orgies and techno. I'm more of a house guy, as you know."

When pressed further by a baffled young journalist from the San Francisco Herald, the President said, "I've got two more years in office, after that Michelle and I might even head up there ourselves in Billary's camper, make a little White House Art car for all you folks. Next question."

The President's comments are already causing a huge sir online, with the nickname Barack Oburner already coined and #OburnerGate doing the rounds on Twitter. The underground's own comedic spokesman Seth Troxler has even weighed in, offering Obama a spot going b2b with him on The Playa.

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Would the President be a welcome edition to the Burner collective? Share your thoughts on the #OburnerGate discussion here.

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