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EDM photographer Rukes offers evidence of mixing at Ultra

Deadmau5 claimed Krewella weren't actually DJing at the Miami festival

  • Mixmag
  • 1 April 2015

After Deadmau5 had a pop at Krewella for apparently faking their DJ set at Ultra Music Festival, go-to EDM photographer Rukes has stepped up in defence with photographic evidence.

The mischievous mouse pointed out the sisters were DJing without any wires, although they highlighted the fact that their USBs were plugged into the CDJs and mixer, and now Rukes is making sure the debate's shut down for good.

Sarcastically tweeting "I love all these idiots that say "OMG their equipment is off", he followed up by posting a photo of Krewella's decks with wires and overhead views of Hardwell and David Guetta's equipment after they, too, were called out on social media.

Despite a few videos online that proved otherwise, you can see from Rukes' photos below that everything seems to be in working order.

[Via: inthemix]

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