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Premiere: Todd Osborn is the ‘Authorized Dealer’ of quality acid house

Gripping acid cuts coming out of Michigan

  • Harrison Williams
  • 25 May 2017
Premiere: Todd Osborn is the ‘Authorized Dealer’ of quality acid house

Michigan based DJ and producer Todd Osborn debuts on Chicago’s influential underground imprint Argot with a double A-side ‘Elastic 68’ EP featuring mesmerizing acid cuts, including the hazy acid house track ‘Authorized Dealer’.

Todd Osborn has been dwelling in the gritty underbelly of raw dance music for over a decade, producing a variety of styles and genres. That said, he’s always had a knack for producing standout acid material and has graced labels like Running Back, Cin Cin, Blueberry Records and 7777 in recent years. Now he broadens his horizons once again by gracing Argot with two tightly crafted tracks.

The ‘Elastic 68’ EP has been long in the making, with Osborn and Argot label head Steve Mizek communicating regularly for the past four years. The material is right at home on the imprint, with ‘Authorized Dealer’ delivering a hard-hitting dancefloor wrecking motif with infectious rhythms and squelching acid riffs that cut through the dusty atmosphere.

Todd Osborn’s ‘Elastic 68’ EP is out now on Argot. Purchase here

Listen to 'Authorized Dealer' below.

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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