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Premiere: stevn.aint.leavn blends sophistication and soul on 'Sub Marino'

The East Berliner strikes out on his label's seventh release

  • Alex Green
  • 18 May 2017
Premiere: stevn.aint.leavn blends sophistication and soul on 'Sub Marino'

Stevn.aint.leavn is one fifth of East Berlin based collective Beste Modus. In the oversaturated market that is Berlin's house and techno scene, stevn.aint.leavn and his crew have taken a different tact, releasing DJ tools that hit the sweet spot between sophisticated sounds and harder hitting beats.

On 'Sub Marino', stevn.aint.leavn’s contribution to the label’s seventh release, he channels ethereal tech house over seven minutes of finely crafted ebbs and flows.

It’s a thumping track laced with subtle, soulful touches that could get warm up a dance floor as easily as it could bring it down towards the end of the night.

Stevo, as his friends call him, draws influence from soul and 90s boom-bap hip hop - on 'Sub Marino' the influence of the perfectly programmed beats of J Dilla and Madlib is clear to see.

You can buy 'Beste Modus 07' via the label's website and listen to 'Sub Marino' below.

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