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Public Service Broadcasting (Kauf remix)

Check out this synth-heavy remix from Kauf

  • Carré Orenstein
  • 29 April 2015
Public Service Broadcasting (Kauf remix)

The LA based singer-songwriter and producer Kauf has remixed Public Service Broadcasting's new track 'Go!', taking it from an indie-rock tune to a wicked, chunky dance number.

By laying some of his own vocals on top and going in with the synth, Kauf gave 'Go!' a deep, warm melody and brought it poolside just in time for the summer.

"I hadn't worked on a remix for an album that had a strong singular concept before, in this case the space race, so I was inspired to add some vocals that loosely relate that drive to explore the universe to something a little more personal, like getting to know another person," explained Ronald Kaufman.

Get stuck into the "Go!" remix below.

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