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Premiere: Commix returns with an aggressive piece of d'n'b beauty

'Honey' sure is sweet

  • Dave Turner
  • 19 October 2016
Premiere: Commix returns with an aggressive piece of d'n'b beauty

It's not out of hand to say that Commix is one of he most integral drum 'n' bass acts of the last 15 years. It may only be the solo project of George Levings these days, following the departures of Conrad Whittle and Guy Brewer, but the name's associated with piles of d'n'b treasure.

Go back nine years to 2007 and 'Be True'. The Metalheadz track is a bright, beaming delight with the most eloquent of piano chords, an angelic vocal and a mean, revved up bassline true to the 'headz sound. That was on debut album 'Call To Mind' - a package of techy, bleeping steppers and smooth gems like 'Emily's Smile' and 'How You Gonna Feel' - that Underground Resistance pitched in on with a remix of 'Satellite Song'.

A stunning 'fabriclive 44' mix came between then and now, featuring Breakage, Calibre, Spectrasoul and Alix Perez, and this year Levings brought the project back to life on his own with the incredible 'Generation EP 1'. The four-track follow-up is out on October 21, with Levings creating a deep and spacey ride through frothing textures, glorious pads and clattering drums.

'Honey' stands out for us, with synths whomping and whirring and snares tearing throughout before gentle, icy rattles drop in to provide moments of calm. It sure is sweet and you can listen to it below.

'Generation EP 2' is out via Metalheadz on October 21

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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