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Police broke up an underground party at a New York barber shop

One alleged partygoer said “We’re pioneering the anti-lockdown”

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 23 April 2020
Police broke up an underground party at a New York barber shop

The Envee Barber Shop in New York City's Brooklyn borough has been accused of hosting an underground party and breaking social distancing rules.

Police arrived on the scene around 10pm last Saturday and found more than 50 people partying in the basement of the shop, which is supposed to be closed to the public currently.

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Footage posted by Spectrum News on Twitter shows people being removed from the shop and handcuffed by police officers.

Two people were arrested in connection with a gun found at the scene and 60 summonses were issued for breaking social distancing. An NYPD helicopter was used to catch as many attendees as possible.

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A witness said it was serving as the set for the filming of a music video, which police have denied.

One alleged attendee told the New York Post: “We’re pioneering the anti-lockdown”.

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