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Pizza Hut has invented shoes that order pizza for you

Both practical and delicious

  • Jaguar
  • 5 March 2017

Pizza Hut has launched custom-made basketball shoes that have revolutionised the way you order pizza.

These Pizza Hut Pie Tops make ordering pizza effortless with just the touch of a button located on the tongue of the shoe, which connects to the user’s Pie Tops app on their phone via Bluetooth.

The user can also customise the type of preferred press that the shoe responds to, such as a double-press or a hold, to prevent ordering a pizza by accident.

Pizza Hut said: “While designed to be light and unobtrusive, the app performs several vital functions. For one, it allows users to select what pizza shows up with each button press. By default, the app is set for a large Supreme pizza, but users can choose from a list of popular specialty pizzas at any time.

“The app also performs some important checks to ensure there are no mistakes. For example, if a user presses the button while located outside the saved default address, the app will ask to confirm location.”

Pizza Hut are apparently giving away some free pairs to fans and influencers and a limited number will soon be available to customers.

The new product is result of the brand’s sponsorship of the NCAA March Madness tournament, and NBA basketball star Grant Hill is the current face of the campaign.

You can read more about Pizza Hut Pie Tops here and check out the promotional video below.

Jaguar is Mixmag's Weekend Editor and she would do anything for pizza.

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