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Now anyone can own a royalty share of Fatboy Slim’s 'Ya Mama'

Get paid every time 'Ya Mama' is played

  • Harrison Williams
  • 22 May 2017

American hip-hop producer Doug Lazy is selling his public performance royalty share of Fatboy Slim’s classic track ‘Ya Mama’, allowing the general public to bid.

‘Ya Mama’ uses material from Doug Lazy’s track ‘Let the Rhythm Pump’, released in 1989. It’s the iconic, repeating sample of “Push the tempo” that lies at the heart of the Fatboy Slim track. Now Doug lazy is passing on his royalty share to anyone interested.

What this means is that whoever buys the royalty share will earn money every time ‘Ya Mama’ is played. This includes plays on the radio, on Spotify, or even movies such as Charlie’s Angels, as it was used in the film’s soundtrack. Interesting fact, Doug Lazy didn't even know Fatboy Slim used the sample until he was watching Charlie's Angels in the theater. It was his wife who thought the sample sounded familiar.

The public performance royalty share will be sold at an online auction via Royalty Exchange. The bidding is set to begin at $6,000, but is expected to sell for much higher.

Join the auction here for your chance to earn money every time Fatboy Slim’s ‘Ya Mama’ is played.

Listen to 'Ya Mama' below.

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