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Nixon Blaster

Nixon's Blaster is built for summer


  • Curtis Moldrich
  • 29 July 2014
Nixon Blaster

Much like Ted Baker, the Nixon Blaster sees another fashion brand making the jump to Audio accessories.

Vibrant and striking whichever colourway you go for, the Blaster is a fantastic looking speaker. The overall design is super clean; discreet LED's keep you informed and a rubberised feel adds to the Blaster's functional style. As well as looking good, the utilitarian design also hints at the Blaster's moisture and shock resistance - making it great for outdoor events. All switches on Nixon's speaker are enclosed in rubber, and both the Aux and USB connections are hidden by nifty rubber flaps - protecting its most vulnerable parts from the elements.

After holding down a button to pair via Bluetooth, the Nixon Blaster offers up good sound. The kick range particularly packs a punch, but there isn't a huge amount of low end, so if you're a fan of sub-heavy tracks you'll be left disappointed. In addition, at louder volumes, highs and mids can become strained and harsh, proving that this isn't one for hi-fi home listening.

It may not have the sound quality of the Jambox or the Sony SRS-X7, but where the Nixon's speaker really comes into its own is in a festival environment. The Blaster's £130 price tag gets you competent sound but superior protection from the elements, making it a great gadget to take with you where better sounding, but fragile speakers will fail. Throw in a massive 12 hours plus of battery life on a single charge, and the Nixon Blaster is a useful piece of outdoor, summer kit.

Nixon | £130

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