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Nina Kraviz calls on Fred P, Bjarki and more for next two трип releasess

There will be 16 tracks in total from two double-packs

  • Alice Markham
  • 20 October 2015
Nina Kraviz calls on Fred P, Bjarki and more for next two трип releasess

Nina Kraviz's label Trip (трип) will release two vinyl double-packs next month and in December.

After a year that's seen the label release 'De Niro Is Concerned' and a 12-inch from Bjarki, Kraviz's label is to round off 2015 with 'Ivan, Come On! Unlock The Box!' and 'I Have A Question', out on November 13 and a yet-to-be-announced date in December respectively.

The two records, each with eight tracks, remain loyal to artists who have previously released on Trip (Population One, aka Terrence Dixon), Barcode Population, Bjarki and Nikita Zabelin), while there are debut spots for 17-year-old producer Vladimir Dubyshkin, Fred P, Philipp Gorbachev, K-Hand and Tokyo-based DJ Sodeyama.

Listen to Nina Kraviz's edit of Phillip Gorbachev's 'Ivan, Come On, Unlock The Box' and see the tracklist below.

'Ivan, Come On! Unlock The Box'
A1. Philipp Gorbachev 'Ivan, Come On, Unlock The Box / Иван, Давай, Открой Коробку' (Kraviz Edit)
A2. K-HAND 'The Box'
B1. Nikita Zabelin 'Bells'
B2. Vladimir Dubyshkin 'Lose Yourself'
C1. Barcode Population 'Marduk' (vinyl only)
C2. Roma Zuckerman 'Geburt Part 2'
D1. Barcode Population 'Internum' (vinyl only)
D2. Nina Kraviz 'I Believe I Can Fly' (KLM Delayed Flight Version)

'I Have A Question'
A1. Roma Zuckerman – I Have A Question
A2. Population One - Escape
B1. Nina Kraviz – Let's Do It
B2. Bjarki – PC Muscles
C1. DJ Sodeyama - Miles Pt.2
C2. Fred P - Higher Mentalism (Edit)
D1. K-HAND – Sound 6
D2. Vladimir Dubyshkin – Hair Like String Like a Harp

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