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New survey reveals 9 in 10 female students have been groped in a nightclub

14,000 students were polled

  • Words: Patrick Hinton | Illustration: Dilraj Mann
  • 21 November 2016

Babe, the female-focused section of student media outlet The Tab, has published the results from its 2016 consent and sexual assault survey.

14,000 students in the UK answered the questionnaire, revealing that 91 per cent of female students have been sexually harassed in a club. The results mark a slight fall in the figures of last year’s poll, in which 95 per cent of females reported experiences of being groped.

A lower percentage of men, 61 per cent, reported instances of groping, with an overall figure of 82 per cent of all students polled reporting having been groped at a nightclub.

University of Edinburgh student Susanna Cirulli said to Babe: “Getting groped in a nightclub is so common so the stat doesn’t surprise me at all. It happens on such a casual basis that often you don’t really know who did it or why.”

The statistics highlight that sexual harassment is clearly one of the biggest problems affecting clubland and a zero tolerance approach must be enforced to combat it.

Read our comment piece on the issue of sexual harassment in nightclubs here and feature about what to do if you get sexually harassed in a nightclub here.

[Via: The Tab]

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