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N.E.R.D teams up with Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean for ‘Don’t Don’t Do It!’

The song is inspired by police brutality

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 13 December 2017
N.E.R.D teams up with Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean for ‘Don’t Don’t Do It!’

Back in October, a series of cryptic social media posts hinted at the return of the Pharrell Williams’ famous musical trio N.E.R.D.

Following a seven year hiatus, and numerous hits from Pharrell Williams in between, N.E.R.D has returned with a handful of new singles. Following their recent songs ‘Lemon’ (feat. Rihanna) and ‘1000’ (feat. Future), the trio has now teamed up with the almighty Kendrick Lamar for ‘Don’t Don’t Do It!’. To further up the ante of the track, Frank Ocean was brought on as a co-writer.

According to Williams, the song was inspired by Keith Scott, a man who was fatally shot by police in North Carolina last year. "I was watching the news. This gentleman by the name of Keith Scott was in his minivan," he explained on Beats 1 in an interview. "He was waiting on his child to get off the school bus. The authorities were looking for someone, someone who did not fit his description and based on what the story was, the vehicle did not fit the description either. I’m not sure if the vehicle was even part of the search. For whatever reason they encountered each other. His wife is standing trying to get him, the authorities tell her to stand back. She’s filming the entire thing on her camera phone. She is saying, “Don’t do it. Don’t don’t do it. Don’t do it Keith. Don’t don’t do it.”

N.E.R.D is planning to embark on tour in 2018.

Listen to a clip of the ‘Don’t Don’t Do It!’ below.

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