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​Moby releases new album for free via mock White House press release

"They are giving it away for free! Idiots!”

  • Harrison Williams
  • 12 June 2017

Outspoken music innovator Moby shared his new album, titled ‘More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse’, as a free download and announced the news via a mock White House press release.

Late last year Moby debuted his new project dubbed Moby & The Void Pacific Choir, which focuses on an electronic punk rock aesthetic, with the album ‘These Systems Are Failing’. Now he’s delivered the second release with a politically charged message that pokes fun at Donald Trump’s administration and his shady past.

The mock press release from John Miller, a fake name Trump used when posing as a spokesperson for himself, gives some detail of the new music: ”The first album they released is very noisy... As is this second album, just see the title, pretty clear. But it's like they hate America and think it's NOT GREAT AGAIN. So, don't listen to this as i won’t be listening, even though they are giving it away for free! Idiots!”

Last month Mixmag helped celebrate the anniversary of Moby's influential track 'Go' by outlining his 10 most iconic moments. This fake press release is certainly one to remember.

Read the full press release and download the album here.

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