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Mixmag Live with Crew Love

All day session from the crew

  • Mixmag
  • 5 August 2013
Mixmag Live with Crew Love


All day London love in
Saturday 14 September
Village Underground, London EC2A 3PQ
Party & BBQ: 4pm - 4am

Crew Love is the family unit made up of Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Pillow Talk, Tanner Ross, Slow Hands, Navid Izadi and Nick Monaco. Brothers from different mothers, these boys come together to throw down a unique party vibe like only they know how.

The squad has grown over several years, encompassing artists that key Crew Love members Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap have met along their travels on the road. Through tireless partying, A & R work and the creative hub that is The Marcy in New York, the two duos have brought together an impressive line-up of artists who deliver a definite musical mission statement.

Bound by a love of music that exists beyond the world of typical dance music – the blues, indie rock, roots reggae, r 'n' b, hip hop – the members of Crew Love produce and play records that are deep, melodic, feel good and readymade for the dancefloor; whether that dancefloor is at an open air party on the coast in Barcelona, in the garden at a best friend's afternoon BBQ or in a living room full of strangers cracking on at 11am after a big night out. Crew Love will make you dance, at any day or night.

So who's in the Crew? There's the duo of Wolf + Lamb, who run the label of the same name and are renowned for killer house and disco sets laced with pure soul. Their multi-level New York space The Marcy has seen some historic parties go down and is where much of the crew go to record tunes. These dudes boss it, basically.

Then there's Soul Clap, another duo with a much-respected label and talent for DJing. You'll surely have come across one of their low slung, r 'n'b-flecked sets, which come peppered with their own edits, productions and prime taste in groove-heavy 4/4.

The rest of the Crew come close behind: Brooklyn-based duo No Regular Play make awesome deep house, PillowTalk create irresistible pop from an underground perspective, Tanner Ross and Slow Hands both deal in sun-splashed jams, Navid Izadi channels the spirit of Prince and every perfect party you've ever had and Nick Monaco is the young gun with great taste both in the booth and behind the production desk.

The whole of Crew Love come together for Mixmag Live on Saturday September 14. It's at Village Underground, London, and will be split between a day party (2pm-9pm) and night party (9pm-4am). Come join us to see just how Crew Love make a good time happen.

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