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Mini Jambox

The Mini Jambox keeps to the same formula as its bigger siblings


  • Curtis Moldrich
  • 18 December 2013
Mini Jambox

The smallest in Jawbone's ever growing range of Bluetooth speakers, the Mini Jambox keeps to the same formula as its bigger siblings.

Small but perfectly formed, Jawbone's latest piece of tech is crafted from one single piece of aluminium - making it an impressive nine ounces. As well as weight saving, the Mini Jambox's bespoke construction also makes it one of the most eye-catching bluetooth speakers around, thanks to some unique patterning and 9 vibrant colour choices.

Beneath the exterior the Mini Jambox sticks with the same intuitive controls as its larger siblings. Featuring all the connectivity including a line out and USB port, the Mini Jambox also boasts crystal clear call-making capability and siri integration - a welcome addition at its price point.

Known for their impressive loudness to size ratio, Jawbone's Jambox range have always had a Tardis like ability when it comes to sound - and the mini Jambox is no exception. Thanks to its compact speakers, the Mini Jambox is louder than you'd expect - especially given its size. At medium volumes, bass is tight and sound is clear and balanced - but things do deteriorate at higher volumes. Crank the sound up to higher levels and the detail will fade, betraying the Mini Jambox's minute footprint - but you will get ten hours worth of tunes.

An ultra-portable solution and a fashion statement, the super-light Mini Jambox is great for the style conscious music fan, but users who want their music even louder and clear would do well to check out a larger solution.

Jawbone | £120

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